Schedule for Breaking Bad series finale

Here's my (planned) schedule for the Breaking Bad series finale (all times in UYT)

  • 21:50
    • Write this post
  • 21:55
    • Turn off Twitter and any potential source of spoilers
  • 22:00
    • S05E16 starts airing on AMC (9pm east)
  • 23:15 (Monday)
    •  S05E16 ends on AMC
  • 23:30
    • Go to Pirate Bay, search for "breaking bad s05e16", start downloading
  • 00:00-00:30 (Monday)
    • Torrent finishes, start watching
  • 1:30
    • Finish watching, maybe browse a few discussions online, regret BrBa ended, go to bed.
I hope the next show I get hooked on gets streamed properly (everywhere, simultaneously, no ads, flat fee). I'm more than happy to pay a reasonable price!