Google Launches Google App Engine

Google has just launched AppEngine, a new hosting service with "all the Google infrastructure" available for you. For now, it only supports my favorite language, but they may add more languages in the future.

A couple of things that come to my mind now:

  • If you're running a hosting company, you should re-consider your business, specially if it's a python/django one
  • This is a huge booster for Django and, at the same time, a big blow for Rails
  • Guido joining Google was a good idea

Let's see how it goes, but I foresee a promising future for this one.

1 response

blow for rails ? how so ?
and Guido doesn't know what Ruby is...

let me see... let's deconstruct this rationally :-)

1) people who use ruby and/or rails can't run their stuff on App Engine (it only supports python right now, right ?)

2) Google plans to support other languages... (yes, you guessed, ruby too , despite Guido's joke ! it was a joke, right ?)

3) most rubyists right now use Amazon WS, guess what... there's still no equivalent of S3 in Google, neither for Ruby nor Python nor anyone else. Google plans large file support, but this will be available to all languages anyway when it gets implemented. nothing to argue here either.

so... I don't see anything blowing, other than a fresh wind towards Google's bank accounts.

I do indeed foresee a promising future for open source :-)